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Betty Boop Clipart & Animations:

Here are some Betty Boop pictures, thumbnails, drawings, clip art, etc......
Please check back, I will be changing these often.
I have been collecting these for years but did not know how I was going to use them.
Now here they are...
If you are looking for something in particular please e-mail me and let me know.
I will help you find it!


Bathtub ~ Animated


Winking ~ Animated






Lady In Red


Dressing Room

Isn't she a FLIRT!

Motorcycle Betty

That Coppertone Cat!

Got to be LOVE!

Beach Betty

The Coppertone Dog

Happy Birthday

Oh My......

Evening Gown

Lady In Red ~ Animated

Teen with Computer

Blowing Kiss

Champagne ~ Bubbly

College Betty

Cool Cat

Cowgirl ~ Lasso

Heidi Betty Boop


Oh my.... sexy....

Oopsession for Men